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Since 2012 ISLA has provided 768 hours of heritage language and cultural immersion programs for free to more than +650 children across North Carolina.


Primarily low-income Hispanic/Latino families have participated and received ISLA's services in the past 9 years.


Community outreach through partnerships, collaborations, and workshops for our community.

It’s about community, connection, and bringing people together through language and culture.

We want the +ISLA community to feel connected, committed, and proud to support our programs. Here’s what you can expect when you join.

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Your support promotes

Anti-Racism Education

ISLA focuses on providing culturally relevant instruction that promotes equity, anti-racism, and anti-discrimination.

Investing in our Educators

ISLA focuses on promoting top quality, professional development, equitable pay, diverse opportunities.

Closing the Opportunity Gap

ISLA develops programs that significantly contribute to strengthening the Hispanic/Latin/x community through educational opportunities.

Upcoming Events

Learn why we support Latino children and their families and how you can help us close the opportunity gap, creating a more equitable society through education.

Equidad en la educaciĂłn para estudiantes Latinos/x

Equity in Latin/x Education