A group of local business leaders in North Carolina who value the importance of pre-k-12 public education and the future of Latino/x students and their families.


Empower businesses to learn how to impact the quality education for Latinx students and gain an understanding of what benefits there are to support education. 

Provide relationship building and professional networking opportunities to amplify connections and offer employment recruitment.

Create spaces where business leaders can rethink how we create culturally affirming partnerships and meet other like-minded business leaders.

Engage local business leaders with Latinx families and students by sharing knowledge and resources through their businesses.

How your business can join

  • Shows interest in making a social impact in their community, promoting quality education, or creating philanthropic partnerships with other local businesses
  • Joins ISLA at any of our philanthropic/community events
  • Becomes a sponsor for one of ISLA’s events
  • Making a one-time contribution to ISLA as part of your business
  • Becoming a monthly sustainer


To serve and empower local business leaders of diverse backgrounds by providing professional networking opportunities and philanthropic partnerships focused on promoting quality education for Latino/x students in North Carolina.


 We envision a network of business leaders who want to make an economic and social impact on the community in North Carolina and improve the educational outcomes of Latino/x students in pre-k to 12th grade. 

Your support promotes


“With your support ISLA will be able to continue cultivating culturally affirming education spaces for children through all of our programs and will continue advocating for the prioritization of high quality education for all students.”


“With your support ISLA will be able to set an example of sustaining free equitable programming through community support and commitment to dismantling historical barriers in our education system.”


 â€śWith your support ISLA will continue to center our value of collective power. When we come together as a community we elevate the strength that we have together vs apart. We will continue promoting the importance of community cultural wealth and power in numbers.”