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ISLA Spanish Online

A program offered online during or after school to students in grades Kindergarten to 5th grade. Spanish Online gives schools an opportunity to offer Spanish language immersion to students in their familiar environment and provides a flexible schedule for both the school and the families. This program is designed to build a foundation of Spanish and expand on the Spanish skills of students all while building cultural awareness and understanding. 

How It Works?
No prior knowledge of the Spanish language is required


Small class sizes for a more individualized experience


Spanish speaking Teachers


Classes meet 2 times per week through Zoom for 30 minutes each class

Why You Should Bring Spanish Online To Your School?

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Cultural Immersion

Engaging & culturally diverse curriculum and dynamic activities that incorporate cultural elements from different latin american countries and their cultures/traditions, allowing students to gain an appreciation for the world around them.

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Students are able to learn from the comfort of their classroom or home.

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Cultural Awareness

This program allows students from underserved communities to gain exposure to different languages and build cultural awareness and understanding. 

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Students and schools have the flexibility to choose their own class schedules.

Come discover the beauty and richness of the Spanish language with us!

Our experienced teachers will guide you through the fundamentals of Spanish grammar, vocabulary, and conversation, while providing opportunities to practice and apply what you've learned.

Previous & Current Partners

Ignite Academy

Lakewood Eelementary School
SPRING 2021 - SPRING 2022

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“I liked everything about this, it was so much fun! I went to all the classes and was so disappointed if I had to miss. I loved learning all the colors like “rosado” and “azul” because I love colors. I also liked learning about Peru and other countries in Latin America. If there was a chance to do this class again I would definitely go back!”

Kandace - 4th Grade

“We had wanted Cash to be in the dual language program, and we missed the deadline so this was a great opportunity for him to be exposed to the language and culture. Now he is going into the dual language program next year, and he will have had some exposure already. The students were engaged and I would recommend doing this again.”

Ali Cuffy, parent of a first grader in the program

“I loved this program. It was a great help to me as a Hispanic parent for my daughters to learn more from someone in addition to me about our language and culture. They said they liked the program a lot and it would be wonderful if it could continue in the future.”

Juana Xotenco, parent of two ISLA students (4th and 5th grade)

“I learned how to say most of my family members in Spanish, and a lot of other things, and I learned about Mexico and Cuba and Peru. It was fun! Our teacher was so cool. I definitely want to learn more about those countries. I like Spanish! Please do this again next year!”

Gianna, 4th grade student: