ISLA Gets Chilly

This week was another fantastic week at ISLA! We had our first parent meeting of the year and got to touch base with over 40 parents of ISLA students about the end-of-the-year field trip, ISLA Soccer, and the upcoming fundraiser.

The Kindergarten class had an especially fun day—they each got their own thermometer and looked at how temperature can change the objects around us. They observed how corn kernels transformed into popcorn when heat was added, and how water changes when we heat it up or cool it down. Students got to independently explore each of these phenomenon using their own thermometer and recording the changes in their science notebooks.

Meanwhile, the escuela secundaria students made absolutely delicious homemade tortillas which they turned into quesadillas by adding cheese and turkey. I definitely chose the right week to observe escuela secundaria!

Though cold weather is coming, we are looking forward to Art day coming soon in February. Let’s cross our fingers that the snow holds off until after ISLA classes on Saturday!

Until next time,