Welcome to Our NEW School Year: 2021-2022

ISLA is pleased to announce our new logo reveal during our new school year kickoff on September 25, 2021, from 10 AM- 12 PM. With the help of our students, families, board, and staff, we will reveal our new logo that represents and encompasses ISLA’s core values, mission, and vision. The new logo reflects ISLA’s more intentional embrace of our Hispanic/Latinx/Latino culture, heritage, and Spanish Language, while looking at how the organization continues to grow and expand into the future.

Drawing inspiration from multiple images and symbols that characterize our organization’s Latin American core values, ISLA combined our community’s submissions and created a logo representing education, community, and leadership. We distilled these submissions and drew inspiration from the South American indigenous Incan symbol called the Chakana that signifies a bridge and love for education, all which deeply resonate with ISLA. The four outside ladder symbols represent the steps we must take to envision an equitable society strengthened by the power, knowledge, and value of Latin American languages and cultures.

Each of these stands for one signature program, including Blue for ISLA Los Sábados, Orange for ISLA: Spanish Online, Yellow for ISLA Verano, and Red for Padres ISLA. The circular shape surrounding the middle circle symbolizes equality, inclusion, protection, and the collective power that we have when working together regardless of language, race, and ethnicity. The circle in the middle symbolizes the Sun, an important cultural symbol spanning multiple indigenous nations throughout Latin America.

In the words of Executive Director, Jenice Ramirez: This new logo represents bringing our community closer together. We want every single child, family, and community member to look at our new logo and be inspired to ask what it means and immediately feel connected–whether that connection is to the Spanish language, love for learning, community, or our collective power.

ISLA’s rebranding is a new step into ISLA’s new era. We are rebranding to reaffirm our commitment to using the same level of excellence in our Spanish-language classes to not only instill pride in our students and community, but to use our language to bring equity and inclusion in our community’s educational experience. Our classes not only close the achievement gap, but also bridge the divide that exists between Spanish-speaking and non-Spanish-speaking community members. We are excited to welcome this new era and can not wait to see what is in store as ISLA continues to grow and adapt to today’s challenges. We cordially invite you to ISLA’s Bienvenida al Nuevo Año Escolar: 2021-2022, where we will kick off this new theme titled “Aprendiendo de Nuestra Historia y Antepasados” with Lenovo while we unveil our new logo.

In conjunction with the rebranding and logo reveal, ISLA is partnering with tech giant Lenovo on a community engagement and cultural immersion initiative as part of Lenovo’s Global Month of Service. Lenovo employees and members of the company’s Hispanics of Lenovo Association (HOLA) employee resource group (ERG) are teaming up with ISLA to host an interactive passport fair for students at the school year kickoff event. Students from pre-K to high school will have the opportunity to “travel” to booths, each focused on a Latin American country to learn about its culture, customs, and its contributions to STEM and technology between 8:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. on the 25th. Volunteers will stamp each student’s “passport” to conclude their visit.

Immersion for Spanish Language Acquisition (ISLA) is a nonprofit organization headquartered in Durham, N.C. Our mission is to build community and leadership through educational Spanish language and cultural immersion programs. We envision an equitable society strengthened by the power, knowledge, and value of Latin American languages and cultures. The following programs support our mission and vision: ISLA Los Sábados, ISLA: Spanish Online, ISLA Verano, Padres ISLA, and ISLA Podcast network. ISLA is an award winning-organization, recently receiving the Diamante Arts and Cultural Center award for Education, the North Carolina Peace Prize, and recently our Executive Director winning the United Way of the Greater Triangle 10 to Watch. For further questions, email Antonio Alanís, Development and Communications Manager at antonio@laislaschool.org.