ISLA Padres con Voz


ISLA Padres con Voz is an entry level  9-week program where parents meet once a week. This program is open to the entire community and lasts for a semester. Parents learn how to advocate for their children in schools, about systemic barriers in the US, and how to create an advocacy plan. Additionally, it focuses on empowering parents to utilize their voices about their rights and those of their children in schools.

The program is an entry-level, 9-week parenting program open to the entire community. It takes place once a week over the course of a semester.(Spring and Fall) The program aims to provide parents with valuable information, resources, and support. It focuses on enhancing parenting skills, fostering a sense of community and support, sharing relevant resources, and offering expert guidance.

The program is designed to create a structured and interactive environment where parents can learn, connect, and grow together.  Some of the knowledge gained includes:

  1. Parenting skills and education: such as effective communication, positive discipline techniques, child development, and fostering healthy relationships.


  2. Support and networking: Creating a supportive environment where parents can connect, share experiences, and build a network of peers facing similar challenges. This can provide a sense of community and reduce feelings of isolation.


  3. Resource sharing: Offering access to relevant resources, such as educational materials, books, online platforms, or community services that can assist parents in their parenting journey.


  4. Expert guidance: Inviting guest speakers, professionals, or experts in child development, psychology, or related fields to provide valuable insights and answer questions from participants.


  • 2 parent cohorts per year
  • 6 limited spots per year
  • Parents are from Durham, Orange, Wake, Chatham and Alamance County.

Note: Participant parents do not have to have a child in ISLA Los Sabados they just need to have a child in school and selection poses on whether there is good variation in age and number.

Primavera cohort
Every Tuesday

Starting October 10 to December 5, 2023
7PM - 8PM (EST)

Online Class

“I came to know Padres con Voz because my daughter participates in ISLA Los Sabados. This program was a great opportunity for me, as a father, to find the necessary tools, learn about the system, and challenges we as parents face with our children in the school system. Padres con voz helps empower us as Latinos and a community to be more unified. My favorite experience was share with other parents about their own experiences and issues they have had and how they resolved them.”

Samuel Maldonado